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  • • Why does the Classical Orchestra Need a Conductor?
  • • Why Does One Violin Player Take a Bow Before the Conductor at the Beginning of the Concert?
  • • What's the Difference Between a Symphony and an Orchestra?
  • • When is it appropriate to applaud at a classical concert?
  • • What is chamber music?
  • • What is a chamber orchestra?
  • • Why Is the French Horn "French"?
  • • Is a French Horn a brass instrument? If so, why is it included in a Woodwind Quintet ensemble?
  • • What is the "Impressionist" era in Classical music?
  • • Beethoven's Symphony No. 5
  • • Canon in D major
  • • 0 mio babbino caro
  • • Handel's Messiah
  • • Nutcracker Ballet
  • • Why Is the English Horn "English"?
  • • Why a Concerto?
  • • Does a symphony orchestra ever use electronic instruments?
  • • What's the difference between a First Violin and a Second Violin?
  • • If a female performer deserves a cheering ovation, does one shout "bravo" or “brava”?
  • • Is a female conductor referred to as a "Maestra"? (Males are known as maestro.)
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The Music Master is an entertaining question and answer column about the world of "classical" music. Perspectives and understanding of classical music are provided by direct, and often humorous, answers to obvious and obscure questions about classical music and concerts.

The Music Master column speaks to most age levels, as well as levels of understanding and appreciation. The Music Master strives to welcome the average listener to the concert, providing confidence through knowledge.

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