Music with Harp by Vanessa McClintock

Music composed for the harp, either as solo or in combination with other instruments.

The first troubadour series was composed specifically for the troubadour, but is easily suitable for the piano; the second set was composed for piano, but with the troubadour harp in mind and can be adapted easily.

The chaconne is a set of exercises for harp or piano

The other works feature the harp equally to their companion instruments. da Camera and Chambers are challenging.

Solo Harp

  • Traveling Troubadour #01
    – composed for troubadour harp,
    suitable for piano
    Six short pieces

  • Traveling Troubadour #02
    – for piano or troubadour harp
    Six short pieces

  • Harp Chaconne
    – Set of exercises for harp or piano, exploring circle of fifths within each of the 12 major keys.
    – (also in piano catalog)


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