Composer Vanessa McClintock

Vanessa McClintock is an American (U.S.A.) composer from northern California. She spent her youth in the small railroad town of Dunsmuir, last three years of high school in Red Bluff (a "comboy" town), and then moved to the greater Sacramento area. From that time and through 1983 she worked as a conductor, brakeman, and (on train) Train Bagagge Man, known as a "TBM." During that time she put herself through college, earning first a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education--her sport was basketball--with a minor in Recreation Administration. Near the end of that experience she began her first study of music , but elected to continue with the railroad after graduation. And throughout that time and into the present she continued to compose, though intermittently.
She resigned from the railroad in July, 1983 after having composed the score for an internationally acclaimed documentary, and immediate fell into the lower middle financial class. Eventually
This site represents the majority of her works spanning just over fifty (50) years.

This is a collection of music spanning fifty (50) years. Original works, all, by American composer Vanessa McClintock. She had a modicum of success and acclaim in the late 1980s into the early 1990s in the Greater Sacramento Area in California, U.S.A. Nearly all of her work is comprised of original compositions for a wide variety of venues, ranging from solo instrumental to full orchestra. She has done a few arrangements and variations and alterations to some noted works by other composers, but they are few. The works in this catalog are representative of different eras in the composer's evolution and development, as can be seen in her earliest works and throughout her creative output. The "kernals" can be seen in the acorn and through to the sprawling oak.